Lobster in Tank

First of all

>And I think best of all, just follow the instructions on my preperation pagefor cooking the Lobster and then simple eat it whole from the shell with some fresh green salad, some tasty dips like garlic mayonnaise or a dip made up from the green liver from the Lobster head mixed with mayonnaise,lemon or lime juice, salt and freshly ground black pepper and your favourite fresh herb, I like basil, but it's a personal thing. Throw in a freshly baked french stick and some fruity red wine and you have a meal to die for.
For a pictogram of how to deal with your cooked whole lobster please click here and enjoy!

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And almost as good though not nearly as much fun to eat is the simple Lobster salad. Once you have removed the cooked Lobster meat from the shell, cut it into bite sized chunks and toss it into a bowl with your favourite salad bits and bobs, dress the whole lot in a piquant seafood sauce created from Mayonnaise, tomato puree, lemon / lime juice, tabasco Sc. (to taste) and a little seasoning of salt and freshly ground black pepper. Either sit down to a single bowl and as many forks as needed or spoon the mixture into individual bowls as a starter garnished with lemon or lime wedges and of course don't forget that bread!!

These are a couple of simple recipes from the kitchen of james Pirie,
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