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James name plate graphic, James Kynoch Pirie

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Hello and Welcome to James' little space on the WEB
This site was originally constructed entirely without Recourse to


All original work was carried out using an

Atari Logo


Inside 14Mb of RAM and accelerated to



(Current machines at least 2,660 Mhz!!)


Using the Titan Design / Black Scorpion "Nemesis" accelerator card
Also, the site was originally hand Coded using "Everest" text editor
"Crystal Atari Browser"(CAB)
Both linked together using
"Olga" protocol
Now in possession of Several Windows based Machines due to the need for compatibility during Childrens Schooling
However, I also run a Dual boot installation of

To support and enjoy Open Source Software.

This site remains largely Microsoft free however being currently administered using

Coffeecup Software
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